17, Brisbane

New job, new friends, new attitude, new lease on life

I wish I persued a different career, why the fuck did I ever think studying business was a good idea.

Anonymous murmured: what do you do on a daily basis

Wake up, make toasties, go back to bed, repeat.

yes pharrell
I’ll take 1 of each please
optimistic thoughts

Why is it that we are expected to make something of ourselves, why can I not just be accepted as just another person in the crowd, not really blending in but not really noticed either. I honestly love the idea of spending my youth travelling from country to country, meeting people and seeing every nook and cranny that the world has to offer me. The study of people fascinates me. To be able to observe different people from different cultures and figure out how they work, why they do things and how different an individual can be. Being on a constant adventure and absorbing the feeling of being fully alive. If anyone were to ask me, “if money were out of the picture, what would you really love to do with your life?” that is what I would tell them.

I despise the idea of feeling the need to be impressing society with fancy sheets of paper, and expensive corporate wear. Soldiers. That is not what I think life is about, we were not born into this world to be rich and successful.

I use to be warm and whole, but now im just the remains of a cold, empty bowl of porridge on a depressing day.

Matthew Gray Gubler on the roof of his old apartment building.